Become our partner and increase your profits in real time based on your clients’ trading volume.

An Introducing Broker (IB) is a person or a company which refers clients to SENSEI markets Inc. As long as these clients trade, the IB receives money from SENSEI markets Inc. It is a wide spread model, which is mutually profitable for both broker and IB.

How does it work?


Refer your clients to SENSEI markets Inc. You can do it online and offline
Client opens an account with us and starts trading
You are getting compensation in real time on the volume generated by him

How to become an IB?

  • Open a partner account at SENSEI markets Inc. using the form on the right side of this page.
  • Receive your referral link in the “IB Area” section of your Personal Area at SENSEI markets Inc.
  • That’s it, you have now become an IB for SENSEI markets Inc.!

Now the next step is to promote your referral link. A referral link looks like this:{your referral ID}

This is your own unique IB code. You can use it to attract new clients. Be nice to it.

How do you track my clients?

Our advanced client tracking system is based upon browser cookies technology. Whenever a client visits via your referral link, the system memorizes this person as your client, even if he or she hasn’t opened any accounts yet. So every time this person returns to , our system will always recognize him/her as your soon-to-be-a-client.

How do I get my commission?

You get your commission each time right after your client closes an order.

How and when do I withdraw my commission?

Anytime you like. Just create a withdrawal request and receive your payment.

How do I bring so many clients?

There is a number of good old ways to attract clients and make them open accounts via your referral link. Here are some of them

  • Post your referral link in forums, social networks and blogs.
  • Be an active participant in forum discussions, our groups in Facebook and Twitter, talk to people, answer their questions.
  • Alternatively, you can create your own website and promote your referral link in your own language in your country.

Where do I find promo items?

Right at this page under “Banners” tab. Please feel free to use our banners in several languages, texts, logos and other promo items to promote your referral link.

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Client appoints you as their money manager
Your clients open an account wih us and you start managing their account
You earn directly from your clients account depending on the agreement you made


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  • of your clients accounts equity, you charge for services (%)
  • net profit you charge your clients for your services (%)

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